I’m Embarrassed To Smile

  • Our technology keeps root canals comfortable
  • Choose full or partial dentures
  • Repair dental damage with crowns and bridges

Enjoy Food Again With Restorative Dental Care in Houston

If your list of favorite foods has narrowed due to missing or damaged teeth, let us help you get them back into your diet with restorative dental care in Houston.

We offer restorative dentistry to:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Fix cavities, whether they’re large or small
  • Remove infection from teeth
  • Mend cracked or broken teeth

Whether you have one problem tooth or a whole mouthful of them, Dr. Ali Falahat can improve the look and function of your smile with restorative dental treatments. If you’re ready to eat whatever you’d like again, call us today at (713) 357-6355.

Let Us Help You Find the Right Replacement Teeth

Nothing affects your oral health quite like missing teeth. They create unattractive gaps in your smile, make it nearly impossible to chew food, and leave you more prone to dental problems in your remaining teeth.

We offer two reliable options to replace teeth:

  • Dental Bridge – A bridge fills a smile gap with one or more replacement teeth that are supported by dental crowns on either side of the space. Unlike some other tooth replacement options, you won’t need a surgical procedure or a long healing period to get a bridge.
  • Dentures – You can choose full dentures or partials to replace large numbers of teeth, even all of them. Again, no surgery is required.

Repair Damaged Teeth With Restorative Care

Whether you have a cavity or a broken tooth, Dr. Falahat can return your smile to health and full function. You may receive:

  • Tooth Fillings – We fix cavities with non-metal fillings that contain no mercury. Our composite fillings are also less likely than metal fillings to develop cracks over time.
  • Root Canal – A root canal is necessary to save a tooth that is threatened by an infection.
  • Dental Crown – A crown can repair numerous problems, including breaks and cracks.
  • Inlay or Onlay – These dental restorations can fix cavities that are too large for fillings but not big enough for crowns.

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